ASNT Level III Services

Level III Technical Support

In-Spec Technologies personnel are well-known in the NDT field and carry multiple Level lll certifications.

They are proven instructors and specialists with a wealth of experience, and have broad experience encompassing many industries and product types. They are available to assist when there are critical problems to solve or when project needs demand additional expertise.

Written Practice

The NDT Written Practice provides the overall foundation for personnel qualification. lt is a critical component to an effective NDT program. In-Spec Technologies can also prepare a customized Written Practice if needed, and will assist in defining the training, experience and examination requirements for each NDT qualification level and method.

Certification Examinations

In-Sec Technologies Level lll personnel can develop and administer NDT examinations to meet the requirements of the Written Practice and customer specifications. These examinations include General, Specific, and Practical for Level I and Level ll candidates, and Basic, Method/General, Specific and Practical for Level lll personnel. These examination results will be reported back to the customer.

Audit Services

In-Spec Technologies personnel are available to perform audits to confirm that company Quality Assurance requirements are being met. Audits can also be performed at subcontractor locations.